What is fixed price?

What is fixed price?


Our fixed price packages give you the benefit of knowing how much you have to pay for a treatment from the start. The package includes your treatment in hospital and the follow up consultations so you have peace of mind that there are no hidden costs.

After your initial consultation, our booking team will send you a quote so you know exactly how much your treatment is going to be.

They will also arrange for you to have a pre-assessment.

Please note fixed price packages are subject to eligibility criteria.

If you can’t find the treatment you’re looking for or if you’re not eligible for a fixed price package, please speak to our Contact Centre who can help you find a quote for a wider range of procedures.

You can call the Contact Centre on 020 7341 5003 or email selfpay@cromwellhospital.com.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in a fixed price package?

Our fixed price packages cover all costs related to your admission into hospital. They include:

  • Pre-operative assessment
  • Hospital fees (nursing, accommodation, food)
  • Surgeons fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Standard prosthesis, if required
  • Physiotherapy, if required
  • Take home medication, stitches and dressing changes
  • Follow up consultations
Can I see any consultant if I want a fixed price package?

Not all of our consultants are involved in the fixed price packages. Our contact centre can advise you about which consultants you can see.

Do I need a GP referral for a fixed price appointment?

No, speak to our contact centre who can arrange an appointment for you.

What is excluded from the fixed price package?

The price excludes any additional procedures and tests outside of the fixed price package which your consultant may recommend at your initial consultation. It also excludes personal costs incurred during your hospital stay such as meals for visitors, newspapers and phone calls.

In the package price there are limits to the number of physiotherapy sessions and discharge medication provided.

Find out about our fixed price packages

Find a treatment

Search for a treatment or specialist to find out how much our fixed price is for the treatment you require. Or speak to our contact centre.

Make an appointment

Book an initial consultation by speaking to our contact centre. They can find a date and time to suit you.

See the consultant

Attend your consultation and if you need tests or treatment our booking team will arrange these for you quickly and easily.

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